Wednesday, October 25, 2017

We're losing our marbles!

Today at Taakaro Time, we used pool noodles to make our own marble run. We could post the marble down the hole at one end of the pool noodle, and watch it come out at the other end.

We found we could make a really long marble run by taping 3 pool noodles together, and we experimented with making the marble track curvy, to make the marbles go looping around. We also put one end higher so that the marbles came out the other end quickly. Our experiments required lots of thinking about how to make the marbles move best, involving thinking about gravity and friction, as well as coming up with technical ideas to make the joins between the pool noodles strong enough.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Box construction at Taakaro Time

It is amazing how many things can be made out of boxes, glue and sellotape! Box construction is a hugely popular part of our Taakaro Time in Room 2, and is a great opportunity to use creative thought and construction skills together. Today, we had glasses, a shield, a handbag and a chainsaw made out of boxes, plus many other things.